How to care for your shed or garden building

Looking After Your Shed or Garden Building

Checks done just once a year will help to ensure that your garden building has a longer lifetime.
  • You should re-treat your new shed or summerhouse within 6 months of it being installed with a good quality oil or spirit based preserver. (We can do this for you – just phone  or  e-mail for a quote).
  • After you have treated it for the first time, we recommend that you re-treat it every 12 months, ideally before the start of each autumn, to protect it from the rain, wind and damp weather conditions in the UK.
  • Check the timber for any signs of damp. This is normally seen as grey patches and can occur at any time during your shed’s lifetime depending upon the environment and location.
  • Any boards of your building that develop damp patches need to be replaced. This needs to be done in the warmer weather (when the wood has shrunk after the damp weather) and again we can do any repair work needed.
  • As with all timber buildings, a garden shed will take a year or two to completely settle in its outside environment.
  • In the winter the wood will swell due to moist air whereas in the summer the wood may shrink making the timber split.
  • The felt on your shed probably suffers from the weather more than any other part and so, once a year, needs a quick inspection. Ensure that the felt is clear of any fallen leaves and debris. Check that all of the felt pins are secure and that there are no tears or rips. If your felt is looking like it may need changing then contact us.
    • Finally enjoy your shed!