How to care for your beach hut through the seasons

Beach huts are built to Brighton and hove specification and this includes the paint for the exterior of the beach hut. Owners may choose the colour for the beach hut doors.

Simple jobs to help look after your beach hut


A good time to enjoy the last of the longer days before winter sets in. If there are outstanding repairs or painting needed, get them done now to protect your hut from the inevitable wind, rain and sleet.

Give your beach hut a check over for any gaps or cracks or wood that shows signs of rot.

If your beach hut needs painting, make sure that you sand down the paintwork and seal the joints again before undercoating. Do not apply gloss straight on top of gloss paint or it will peel off. Buy a good quality exterior paint.



Christmas is a lovely time on the sea front with many of the beach huts open and decorated to celebrate this special time of year.

Winter jobs

Clear away and pack up all belongings and leave as much of the floor as clear as possible, to allow a good flow of air.

Check the roof for cracks, peeling boards and gaps. Inspect the sides and back of the hut for damage. Ensure the doors are solid, look for cracks in the timber, oil or replace rusty padlocks.

Check the paintwork is in a good state to protect the wood.


Spring cleaning

This is the ideal time to carry out any jobs that may have arisen over the winter. If you need a new hut, order early to get the most out of the spring and summer months.

As soon as the weather is dry arrange to paint or have your hut painted; not only will it look great but painting regularly extends the life of your hut.

Open the door and let the air in, make a hot drink and watch the waves crashing on the shingle.


Time to enjoy your hut, have a long leisurely day gazing at the sea, swim and paddle with the children, eat, read and chat to your friends and neighbours.
The dry (hopefully) weather may expose gaps and other small defects. Deal with little jobs promptly to avoid costly repairs later.

If you need repairs or maintenance…..

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide a fully personal service for all your beach hut maintenance needs, from small repairs to replacement doors, panels, roof and floor. We also carry out painting of the exterior and interior of beach huts.

On-site repairs and painting.
  •  New doors, hinges and Brenton bolts
  • New roof or over-boarding
  •  New floor and bearers
  • Replacement cladding & fascias
  • Storm and weather damage
  •  Sand down/ fill, seal/ paint
  • Removal of old doors and replacement with new beach hut doors
Beach hut doors

Doors leaking, swollen or rotten? We can remove the old doors and replace with new. We manufacture and make solid tongue and groove beach hut doors, built using stainless steel nails and wood screws to help prevent rust marks which can spoil the paint finish. All our doors are made bespoke to fit your beach hut. The doors of the beach hut can be painted in any colour of your choice; an exterior gloss paint is required. The doors can be one flat colour or stripes; (spots or other variations are not allowed). The doors are sealed, undercoated, and then given a minimum of two coats of exterior gloss paint. It is essential to use a good-quality paint as this helps to protect the doors from all weathers. All our paint complies with Brighton and Hove regulations. On-site visits can be arranged to measure your beach hut doors.


Beach hut roof.
If your roof is damaged:

We can build a new beach hut roof in marine ply, which will be bespoke built for your hut. We will visit the beach hut, measure up and then offer the best solution to your problem. Your roof may be able to be over-boarded or a complete new roof may be required. All our roofs have a bespoke PVC edging strip fitted as extra protection against the weather. The roof will be painted as per Brighton & Hove specification. It is essential to keep your beach hut roof solid and water-tight.

Other repairs as required.