New Beach Huts for Brighton & Hove

If your old beach hut is beyond repair we can build a bespoke beach hut for you to Brighton & Hove Specifications.

All our beach huts are built using quality materials which are designed to last.

Specification for Brighton & Hove Beach huts:

  •  The main framework to be 2”x 2” timber, walled with shiplap TGV cladding 15mm at the bottom & the upper with exterior fine ply 15mm thick.
  • The floor to be constructed as a 4” x 2” frame topped with 6” x 1” floor boards (with a rough finish for safety/ anti-slip – *This should be left unpainted).
  • The doors are frame ledge & braced clad with 19mm TGV. The frame to be 95mm x 45 mm (again all tanalised & pressure treated).
  • These will be fitted with stainless steel  hinges & bolts & constructed with stainless steel nails & screws to help prevent rust marks.
  • The overall construction of the hut is built with exterior wood screws to help prevent any rust.
  • The painting of the beach hut is to Brighton & Hove specification & colours, the doors to be of your own colour choice.
  • The overall size of the hut should not exceed 75” square and of a maximum height of 2.5m.
  • Note: All timber is pressure treated for exterior use.

The beach hut doors can be painted any colour/s of your choice.

Different coloured doors give individuality to your beach hut. (Have a look at the beach hut doors gallery for some ideas.)

Paint should be an exterior undercoat and gloss.

Two coats of exterior gloss are recommended to help protect the doors from weather damage.

Undercoating and sealing must be done first otherwise the paint will peel.


New build beach hut with white gloss doors.