brighton huts

Brighton – A little bit of history about the beach huts

Bathing Machines   In 1923 Matthew Hatton of 32A Brunswick Square suggested to Hove Council that facilities for sea bathing would be greatly improved if the Council were to erect twenty wooden bathing chalets and a pay-box on the beach between the Coastguard Station (south east of Hove Street) and Carlisle Road. The idea was not taken up at the time but by 1930 it was definitely on the agenda. Bathing machines had once been popular and their heyday and at Hove  in 1884  there were forty-six bathing machines designated for female use and twelve machines reserved for men. Segregated bathing was the rule at Hove and the town was Read More


Beach Hut Maintenance

  In Sussex we have a great variety of beach huts, but the sun, sea, wind and rain can cause damage to the roof, structure and paintwork. We can repair and paint your beach  hut and bring it back to it’s former glory. Beach huts repaired and painted on Hove Promenade.     Contact Fred: 07795 361715