Beach Hut Maintenance & Repairs

At Brighton Sheds we offer a full range of repairs and maintenance:

Updating and Painting

Keeping your beach hut regularly painted can help to protect against the effects of weather.

Sun, sea spray, wind, rain, snow and shingle can all damage the beach huts during the course of the seasons.

Paint is the first and most important barrier in protecting your hut.

Always sand down the paintwork first and seal all the joints.

Apply the correct undercoat and use an exterior gloss to Brighton and Hove specification.


Other repairs:

Repairs to the roof or replacement roof.

New doors, hinges and bolts. 

New fascias, panels and cladding

Repairs to the floor/ new floor & base.
Filling and making watertight the beach hut.

Ideally your beach hut should be painted at least every 2 years to help protect it from weather damage.
A well-maintained beach hut will give many years of pleasure.